The Commission on Judicial Conduct of the State of Arizona disclosed this week that a complaint, with case number #22-075, has been dismissed.

The complainant alleged that a city court judge unlawfully approved a criminal complaint and summons without probable cause, and improperly granted an extension of time to the prosecutor.

The Complaint alleges:

“Mr.  __ knowingly and unlawfully accepted a criminal complaint or the complaint lacked probable cause, and included evidence concerning child abuse committed by the Complainant.”

The Commission dismissed the complaint, stating among others:

“The role of the Commission on Judicial Conduct is to impartially determine whether a judicial officer has engaged in conduct that violates the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct or Article 6.1 of the Arizona Constitution. There must be clear and convincing evidence of such a violation in order for the Commission to take disciplinary action against a judicial officer.”

The dispositive portion of the Order reads:

“The Commission reviewed all relevant available information and concluded there was not clear and convincing evidence of ethical misconduct in this matter. The complaint is therefore dismissed pursuant to Commission Rules 16(a) and23(a).”

A copy of the original filing can be found here.