On Friday, June 7, 2024, FOX19 NOW reported that the president of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, Ken Kober, accused a Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge of filing an unwarranted complaint against a Cincinnati police detective.

According to Kober, the situation stemmed from an email Judge Kari Bloom sent to Cincinnati’s Assistant City Manager Virginia Tallent on May 15th regarding a felonious assault incident from 2023 in Washington Park. In the email, Judge Bloom stated the detective allegedly shared private case information with the victim’s mother, which went against the court’s expectations.

An internal police investigation found the detective’s actions were within department standards and law, concluding the information was not improperly shared. However, Kober says Judge Bloom questioning the detective’s actions in her email amounted to an implicit complaint. He noted in his 24 years with the department, no judge had ever contacted the city manager’s office about a police matter, let alone file a complaint.

A juvenile court spokesperson confirmed Judge Bloom did not file an official complaint, but Kober argued something was clearly being alleged, since the email prompted a police investigation. Judge Bloom’s email expressed wanting to address the issue and said victim information should not be shared with “outside people, especially victim’s families who are otherwise strangers to the defendant.”

Kober believes Judge Bloom’s actions have compromised her impartiality as a judge. He plans to ask the FOP executive board to allow him to file a disciplinary complaint against Judge Bloom with the Ohio Supreme Court for her questioning of the detective and email to the assistant city manager.

While Judge Bloom’s office declined further comment, the unfolding dispute highlights tensions around the sharing of sensitive case information and the roles of judges and police. It remains to be seen what action, if any, the Ohio Supreme Court may take regarding the potential complaint against Judge Bloom.



Source: FOX19 NOW