On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, Newsweek reported that MSNBC legal correspondent Lisa Rubin offered commentary on a ruling made by Judge Aileen Cannon in the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump.

In her role covering the legal proceedings, Rubin took to social media to analyze Cannon’s decision to strike a paragraph from the indictment against Trump. The removed section had detailed an allegation that Trump showed off a sensitive military map during a meeting at his New Jersey property.

Although Trump is not explicitly charged with displaying the classified document, Rubin characterized the deletion as a “sweetener” that benefits both the former president and his close adviser Susie Wiles. As Rubin explained, the paragraph in question described Trump allegedly revealing the map to an individual reported to be Wiles, who serves as Trump’s de facto campaign manager.

By taking out the unrelated allegation, Cannon dismissed one piece of unfavorable information about Trump’s past actions that was not central to the criminal charges at hand. However, Rubin implied this still could sway the case in Trump’s favor to some degree, or ease scrutiny of his associates.

The legal correspondent further noted Cannon’s requirement that prosecutors provide advance notice and justification if seeking to introduce any evidence of prior uncharged crimes or misconduct during the upcoming trial proceedings. This pretrial motion process, as summarized by Rubin, now applies to the removed map display detail as well.

Overall, Lisa Rubin dissected the impact of a targeted redaction in Judge Cannon’s latest pre-trial ruling, casting it as a preferential move despite ostensibly being a mere procedural matter.



Source: Newsweek