A complaint, with case number #22-222 filed in the court of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, against an unknown State of Arizona judge has been withdrawn.

The complaint was withdrawn at the complainant’s request pursuant to the Commission Policy 6 “Withdrawn Complaint” of the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Commission Policy 6 states that:

A complaint that is frivolous, unfounded, solely appellate in nature, or outside the Commission’s jurisdiction may be withdrawn at the request of the complainant and the judge will not be notified of the complaint.

The policy also states that:

When a complaint is withdrawn, the case file and the related record in the Commission’s management information system shall be marked with an appropriate notice, and neither the Commission nor the judge shall be required to disclose the complaint in any future inquiry or Proceeding.

The administrative policies can be found here.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.