According to the ABA Journal:

Lin Wood was looking to represent former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in a Delaware defamation case against Oath Inc., via a pro hac vice permission. Delaware Superior Court Judge Craig A. Karsnitz revoked Wood’s pro hac vice permission to participate in the case on January 2021, two days before the hearing.

Karsnitz, referring to Wood, had this to say “[he] exhibited a toxic stew of mendacity, prevarication, and surprising incompetence” in the 2021 election cases.

Karsnitz had no evidence to support this statement.

“Instead, without affording Wood the opportunity to appear at the hearing that was scheduled two days hence, the stated purpose of which was to hear his response to the rule to show cause, the court made factual findings adverse to Wood,” the Delaware Supreme Court said.

The ABA Journal continues:

Karsnitz, due to his removal of Wood’s pro hac vice permission with no solid evidence to support his claim, was found abusing his discretion by the state’s Supreme Court.

“When, as here, the allegations of misconduct in another state have not yet been adjudicated, there is no assertion that the alleged misconduct has disrupted or adversely affected the proceedings in this state, and the lawyer agrees to withdraw his appearance and pro hac vice admission, it is an abuse of discretion to preclude the lawyer’s motion to withdraw in favor of an involuntary revocation of the lawyer’s admission,” the state supreme court concluded.

Source: ABA Journal


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