On Friday, May 17, 2024, The Daily Record reported that a former Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge filed an amended lawsuit against the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities and its chair.

According to the article, April T. Ademiluyi was recently removed from the bench by the Maryland Supreme Court following the Commission’s findings that she committed sanctionable conduct. Less than two weeks after being ousted, Ademiluyi amended her pending federal lawsuit against judicial colleagues to additionally name the Commission and its chair.

In the complaint, Ademiluyi alleges that the Commission subjected her to an overly litigious and fast-paced disciplinary process that did not allow her adequate ability to participate in her defense. She also claims that the Commission retaliated against her for requesting leave during the proceedings.

Ademiluyi challenges the constitutionality of the charges against her, asserting that the Commission, its chair, and three other judges retaliated due to her previous filing of complaints with the Commission alleging other judges had forged her signature on a judicial order.

One of the chief claims in Ademiluyi’s amended complaint is that the Commission lacks authority to rule on the constitutionality of its own charges against her, since it is an administrative agency and not a court of law. Additionally, Ademiluyi argues that the Commission’s application of a confidentiality clause to withhold witness statements and her prior complaints against judges from being publicly released is an unconstitutional violation of her First Amendment rights, even though she gave permission to disclose the documents.

The article provides context that Ademiluyi has maintained the disciplinary actions against her are part of a coordinated retaliation effort stemming from her election victory over an incumbent judge in 2020. If her amended lawsuit is successful, it could set implications for judicial oversight and disciplinary processes in Maryland.



Source: The Daily Record