On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 2paragraphs reported that former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner had urged Americans to file complaints against Judge Aileen Cannon over her handling of the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump.

In a 20-minute video, Kirschner – who has decades of experience as an Army prosecutor and federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C. – outlined concerns about Judge Cannon’s refusal to set a trial date in the ongoing case. As a Trump-appointed judge, some say Cannon’s unwillingness to schedule proceedings before the 2024 election indicates a lack of impartiality. Her critics argue this delays any potential accountability for Trump until after voters have cast their ballots.

Kirschner maintained Cannon had “thoroughly exposed herself as lacking the impartiality necessary” to oversee the trial by orchestrating delays. He was not alone in this view, as former Attorney General Eric Holder also commented that the process had “simply not been on the up and up.”

To address these issues, Kirschner’s video advised citizens on submitting judicial misconduct complaints to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. He believes compelling the judiciary to address reasonable questions around Cannon’s bias is the proper way to prevent her from continuing to manage the case in a way some see as favoring the former president.

“It’s governmental insanity that Judge Cannon is being allowed to orchestrate this, and the way we can prevent that is by urging the judiciary to take responsibility for a federal judge whose impartiality is reasonably being questioned,” said Kirschner.



Source: 2paragraphs