On Saturday, June 22, 2024, Fourstates Homepage reported that a former judge from Rogers County, Oklahoma was arrested in Ottawa County for driving under the influence.

Kassie McCoy, a 42-year-old from Oklahoma City, was taken into custody by Miami Police officers near the 900 block of Pine Street on Friday. The arrest stemmed from an incident at a local Taco Bell where McCoy’s vehicle allegedly crashed in the drive-thru lane before leaving the scene of the accident.

When contacted by police, McCoy reportedly told the arresting officer that she was a former judge from Rogers County and threatened to get the officer fired. However, court records show that McCoy had a history of drunk driving offenses.

In 2021, she was charged with DUI in Rogers County and had a blood alcohol level of 0.35, over four times the legal limit. She ended up pleading guilty to a reduced charge and received a deferred sentence. Additionally, in 2022 McCoy was charged with DUI in Colorado after registering a 0.186 blood alcohol level. She pleaded guilty in that case as well and was sentenced to probation.

As a result of her past drunk driving incidents, the Oklahoma Bar Association suspended McCoy’s law license for two years in 2023. She is now facing her latest DUI charge in Ottawa County and being held at the local jail.



Source: Fourstates Homepage