On Thursday, January 18, 2024, WJHL reported that Perry Stout, former judge of the Johnson County General Sessions Court in Tennessee, and his wife Pamela Stout were arrested and charged with conspiracy and drug offenses following a lengthy investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies.

According to affidavits filed in Johnson County General Sessions Court, the investigation began in May 2023 when police searched two rental properties in Mountain City, Tennessee after the owner reported suspecting drug activity. At one of the properties, investigators allegedly found marijuana in multiple containers. Video footage obtained from Google also reportedly showed one of the properties being used to store and sell marijuana products.

The affidavits state that through interviews and examination of electronic records, investigators learned that Perry Stout had allegedly become involved in a drug enterprise in early 2022. It is claimed that Stout gave another individual $1,500 to purchase marijuana in Michigan which was then sold illegally in Tennessee, marking the start of an alleged conspiracy between the two. Stout is accused of providing additional funds on multiple occasions for the purchase of marijuana and THC products from Michigan to be sold locally.

Text messages and phone calls obtained by investigators are said to indicate that Perry Stout while serving as a Judge, was aware of and participated in the illegal drug operation. The affidavits note Stout only withdrew money from proceeds a few times, including to fund his General Sessions Judge campaign. Pamela Stout is charged with involvement in the conspiracy and with filing a false police report.

In a recorded phone call described by investigators as being part of the probe, Perry Stout reportedly acknowledged the other individual’s purchase and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it in the First Judicial District of Tennessee.

The investigation against Perry Stout continues while he and Pamela Stout await their February court hearing on charges of money laundering, drug conspiracy, and other offenses. If convicted, they face potential prison sentences.



Source: WJHL