On Friday, June 21, 2024, FOX 5 reported that Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson was charged with felony obstruction of a police officer and simple battery against a police officer in Atlanta.

According to the report, the incident occurred at a restaurant and lounge in Buckhead early on Thursday morning. An officer working extra duty at the establishment approached a woman who was crying in the valet area. Peterson then allegedly struck the officer in the head as he spoke to the woman.

The judge reportedly refused to identify herself to police and appeared intoxicated. She did not provide her name at the police station as well, instead instructing officers to notify another individual, who then shared her identity.

Peterson was scheduled for an initial court appearance in Fulton County Magistrate Court on the same day. However, she waived her right to appear in person.

In April, Judge Peterson had been found guilty of “systemic incompetence” by a Judicial Qualifications Commission panel. They recommended her removal from office for repeatedly ignoring courthouse rules, abusing staff, making inappropriate social media posts, and failing to properly fulfill her duties in repeated cases. This followed four separate hearings where Peterson faced 30 counts of misconduct related to her time in office since late 2020.

This latest incident and charges of felony obstruction and assaulting an officer have drawn renewed scrutiny onto Judge Peterson’s troubled term in office. It remains to be seen how the criminal case and the separate removal process will now proceed.



Source: FOX 5