On Wednesday, July 5, 2023, the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission rejected Judge Christina Peterson’s motion to dismiss or seek judgment on the pleadings or summary judgment regarding 50 allegations of judicial misconduct spanning from her time as a practicing attorney to her current tenure as a probate court judge in Douglas County.

The case, titled “Inthe Matter of Judge Christina Peterson,” with case no. 22Z0180.

Judge Peterson is facing multiple misconduct allegations, including improper social media postings, attempting to discuss a pending court matter with litigants, and engaging in abusive interactions with county personnel. On December 2, 2022, Peterson filed a motion requesting dismissal for failure to state a cause of action, or alternatively, judgment on the pleadings or summary judgment for Counts 1-34 and 44-50.

According to court documents, the Director of the Judicial Qualifications Commission responded to the motion, presenting additional evidence such as a transcript of an interview with JQC members and Instagram posts from Peterson’s campaign/professional account. The evidence also included affidavits from JQC investigators and testimonies from affected attorneys and litigants.

The Hearing Panel held oral arguments on May 30, 2022, regarding the motion. During the hearing, the Director voluntarily withdrew Counts 5-12, which were based on conduct that occurred before Peterson became a judicial candidate, as well as Counts 16-17 at their own discretion.

In her motion, Peterson provided explanations for most of the alleged actions, disputed some of the allegations with evidence, and admitted to others.

As a result, the hearing panel reached the following conclusions:

  • Counts 1-4: Peterson did not meet the burden to warrant summary judgment.
  • Counts 13-15: Summary judgment was denied.
  • Counts 18-21: Summary judgment was not appropriate.
  • Counts 22-26: Summary judgment was denied.
  • Counts 27-30: These counts should proceed to a final hearing rather than being resolved through summary judgment.
  • Counts 31-34: Summary judgment was denied.
  • Counts 44-49: Genuine issues of material fact need to be resolved later.
  • Count 50: A determination regarding the validity of Count 50 cannot be made until the Director has had the opportunity to prove Counts 18-49.

Furthermore, the hearing panel rejected the motion concerning Counts 5-12 and 16-17 as moot and denied the respondent’s motion in all other respects.

Judge Christina Peterson earned a law degree from the Wisconsin School of Law in 2023.

The Judge’s Courtroom is at 8700 Hospital Drive 3rd Floor, Judicial Side in Douglasville, and can be reached at 770-920-7249. Her info can be found on celebratedouglascounty.com.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.