On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, The Journal News reported that the village of Elmsford, New York found itself without any sitting judges after the abrupt resignation of its last remaining judge, Jay Bielat.

Bielat had assumed the role of Elmsford’s presiding justice only a year ago, following the removal of the previous judge, Carlos Gonzalez, due to misconduct allegations. However, in his resignation letter, Bielat did not provide a reason for his sudden decision to leave the bench.

The village had already lost its other judge, Alphonse Naclerio, last month when the mayor declined to reappoint him during the annual reorganization meeting. One of Elmsford’s two judicial seats is elected, while the other is appointed.

Despite no longer having any resident judges, the court clerk Milena Din assured that operations would continue smoothly. The 9th Judicial District intends to send judges from other jurisdictions, such as Justice Virginia Collins from Pleasantville, to preside over pending cases in Elmsford temporarily.

Din said she would ensure matters proceed normally to provide defendants their right to due process. She has also coordinated with surrounding courts to guarantee individuals arrested in Elmsford can still be promptly arraigned and have their cases heard.

While the recent removals and resignations have left the small village without judges of its own for the time being, measures are being taken to avoid any disruption to the local judicial process as replacement arrangements are made.



Source: The Journal News