On Thursday, August 18, 2022, the Judicial Conduct Commission of Kentucky announced the hearing date for suspended 42nd Judicial Circuit Court Judge Jamie Jameson.

On Friday, Aug. 12, 2022, the Commission voted 3 to 2 in favor of suspending Judge Jameson with pay. The judge is charged with misconduct and establishing a conflict of interest in relation to an ankle monitoring program he initiated. He is also charged with using his position as a judge to exert pressure on attorneys and others to donate and support his political campaign as well as acting in retaliation against a Marshall County Sheriff’s Office employee by attempting to have the person fired or reassigned.

The commission announced that Judge Jameson’s next hearing will be held at the Christian County Justice Center in Hopkinsville.

The notice reads:

“Notice is hereby given that the hearing in these formal proceedings will be held commencing on the 17th day of October 2022, at the time of 8:30 a.m., in District Courtroom 1 on the 1st Floor of the Christian County Justice Center, 100 Justice Way, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.”

A copy of the notice can be found here.