On Friday, February 9, 2024, ABA Journal reported that a Baltimore judge is facing an ethics hearing in May over allegations of inappropriate conduct toward a female lawyer.

Kevin M. Wilson, associate judge on the First District Court in Baltimore City, Maryland, allegedly touched the lawyer without consent after a bar association event in May 2023. According to a statement from the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities, the incident occurred as the lawyer stopped at a table where Judge Wilson was seated along with another judge. It’s alleged that Wilson put his hand on the lawyer’s leg and moved it in an up and down motion. Two other attorneys reportedly witnessed the interaction. One of them says she told Wilson his behavior was inappropriate and that he should stop, at which point he initially moved his hand away.

However, the allegations state that Wilson then put his hand back on the lawyer’s leg and moved it under her skirt to touch her buttocks. The lawyer then left the situation. The event they attended was a practice tips seminar organized by the Young Lawyers Division of the Baltimore City Bar Association. Wilson maintains he did not intend to touch the lawyer’s buttocks.

In his response, Wilson said he genuinely believed his interactions with the lawyer, which included exchanging glances and comments at the event, were reciprocated and welcomed. He acknowledges touching her ankle, calf and lower hamstring but says it was consensual, though he now realizes his perception was incorrect. Wilson has since begun counseling sessions twice monthly to improve his social skills and power dynamics awareness.



Source: ABA Journal