On Monday, March 4, 2024, The Daily Record reported that the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities had filed new charges against Circuit Court Judge April T. Ademiluyi of Prince George’s County.

The commission, which oversees alleged misconduct by Maryland judges, had previously recommended that Judge Ademiluyi be censured and suspended without pay for two months relating to prior charges. Those charges, which are still under review by the state Supreme Court, claimed Judge Ademiluyi refused training, showed bias against criminal defendants, and was disrespectful towards colleagues and staff.

Now, the commission has alleged that Judge Ademiluyi inappropriately disclosed confidential investigation materials and retaliated against other judges. Specifically, the judge filed a federal lawsuit last year against three current and former Prince George’s County judges who had cooperated with the commission’s investigation. In the suit, Judge Ademiluyi revealed interviews judges had with investigators and sought $350,000 in damages.

However, Judge Ademiluyi and her attorney maintain she did not commit any sanctionable offenses. They argue she was exercising her First Amendment rights to file the lawsuit and improve her working conditions after complaining about issues. The commission though described the suit as an attempt to intimidate those who assisted in the disciplinary process.

The latest charges are an added development in the complex disciplinary process facing Judge Ademiluyi, which began with broad allegations filed against her last year. A final decision from Maryland’s high court on the original recommended sanctions remains pending as the commission’s case continues to build.



Source: The Daily Record