On Monday, May 6, 2024, the Maryland Supreme Court removed Judge April T. Ademiluyi from the bench of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County. In a per curiam order, the state’s highest court concluded that the nature of Judge Ademiluyi’s misconduct warranted removal as the appropriate disciplinary action.

The Supreme Court’s decision upheld the recommendation of the Commission on Judicial Disabilities, which found Judge Ademiluyi had committed sanctionable conduct in her role. Specifically, the commission determined she had refused mandatory legal training, demonstrated bias against criminal defendants in her courtroom, and had antagonistic relations with court staff and her judicial colleagues.

During proceedings before the Supreme Court, Judge Ademiluyi’s attorney argued for her case to be dismissed and sealed. They claimed she had been retaliated against after filing a complaint alleging another judge had improperly altered one of her orders without consent. However, the state’s judicial conduct commission disagreed and unanimously voted in February to publicly censure Judge Ademiluyi and suspend her without pay for six months.

Kendra Jolivet, executive counsel for the commission, urged the high court to sustain the panel’s findings. She stated Judge Ademiluyi’s actions in office did not uphold the judiciary’s mission of delivering fair, efficient, and effective justice for all. Additional charges against Judge Ademiluyi were also pending, including accusations she harassed a fellow judge and improperly shared confidential investigation materials.

With Judge Ademiluyi’s ouster, she becomes only the fourth judge ever removed from office by the Maryland high court over the state judiciary’s history.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.