On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Law&Crime reported that Mia Christman was ordered to return to prison to complete her 10-year sentence for armed robbery.

Christman, 30, of Clark County, Nevada had been released from custody several years prior after Judge Erika Ballou overturned her conviction on appeal. However, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Ballou’s decision should be reversed.

The article provided background on Christman’s 2013 case, where she pleaded guilty to taking part in two robberies with her co-defendant, Michael Saunders. During one robbery, Saunders struck a senior citizen with a pistol while Christman led police on a chase that injured someone.

Christman’s attorneys emphasized she committed the crimes after suffering years of abuse through sex trafficking by Saunders starting at age 18. She was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison by Judge Stefanie Miley.

On appeal, Ballou agreed to overturn the verdict, citing Christman’s history of psychological and physical trauma since childhood. Ballou felt key abuse details were not properly weighed and Christman received inadequate representation.

While Miley acknowledged the abuse history could have impacted sentencing, thorough reports would not have changed the outcome. Miley said Christman sometimes seemed to “rig the system” by promising but not providing valuable evidence.

The Supreme Court overturned Ballou’s decision in 2022, but Ballou refused to enforce the order. Ballou was removed from the case.

Separate from the Christman case, Ballou faced disciplinary charges in January 2024 from the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline relating to social media activity. The Commission accused Ballou of violating judicial ethics codes through certain online posts, such as sharing photographs that could undermine public confidence in her impartiality.

In recent interviews, Christman said she had been living responsibly but was upset to return to prison. Her pardon attempt was denied in March 2024.



Source: Law&Crime