On Friday, July 5, 2024, Atlanta News First reported that the Atlanta Police Department released additional footage from the night a former Douglas County judge was arrested at a Buckhead nightclub.

The arrest of Christina Peterson, a former judge from Douglas County, occurred at a nightclub in Buckhead, Atlanta. Five hours of new video footage from inside the police vehicle shows Ms. Peterson in an emotional state after being taken into custody.

Police initially stated that Ms. Peterson had pushed an officer during a commotion at the club. However, her attorney, Marvin Arrington Jr., claims she was helping another woman who was the victim of an altercation. According to the attorney, Ms. Peterson did not realize the individual approaching her from behind was a police officer. Voices can be heard shouting “that’s a cop” on one of the videos, indicating that neither Ms. Peterson nor others knew the man was a police officer at the time.

Mr. Arrington told Atlanta News First they are preparing a motion to dismiss the warrant and requesting judicial immunity for his client. He hopes the newly released footage will confirm his version of events and show the incident was a misunderstanding.

Ms. Peterson was previously removed from her position as a Douglas County judge for unrelated violations of judicial conduct standards. The additional video may provide more context around the situation and assist in determining whether charges against the former judge are appropriate.



Source: Atlanta News First