On Saturday, July 6, 2024, Raw Story reported that State Attorney for Palm Beach County Dave Aronberg commented on the handling of the Donald Trump Espionage Act case by Judge Aileen Cannon.

Aronberg appeared on MSNBC to discuss Cannon’s role presiding over the case involving allegations that Trump retained classified White House documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence after leaving office. The host asked Aronberg if he expected Cannon to dismiss the case, as Trump has requested in light of the recent Supreme Court analysis on presidential immunity.

Aronberg responded that dismissing charges against Trump would not be appropriate. He explained that if Cannon did try to throw out the case, the decision would likely be overturned on appeal to the 11th Circuit Court. The prosecutor further stated that Cannon’s repeated granting of delays and indulgence of Trump’s requests has slowed the process of the investigation.

When asked about aspects of the Mar-a-Lago case that may be dismissed, Aronberg disagreed. He argued that Trump’s actions of retaining classified documents occurred after leaving the White House, so any claims of immunity would not apply. Aronberg likened it to Trump attempting to keep Air Force One after his presidency – just because it was used for official duties does not mean ownership is retained once the term expires.

In conclusion, Aronberg voiced his opinion that Trump’s argument for dismissal on immunity grounds is without merit. As a state attorney stationed near the location of the investigations, Aronberg’s comments shed light on expectations for how the high-profile case may proceed. While the new Supreme Court analysis allows for further delays, outright dismissal of charges appears unlikely, according to the local prosecutor closely monitoring the unfolding legal drama around Trump’s post-presidency document handling.



Source: Raw Story