On Friday, June 30, 2023, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct of the Supreme Court of New Jersey filed a formal complaint against Gary N. Wilcox, who serves as a judge in the Criminal Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen Vicinage, for posting inappropriate Tiktok videos.

The case is titled “In the Matter of Gary N. Wilcox,” under case no. ACJC 2023-218.

The charges cited Canon 1, Rule 1.1, Canon 2, Rule 2.1, and Canon 5, Rule 5.1(A) of the Code of Judicial Conduct. which require:

Judges to observe high standards of conduct so that the integrity and independence of the Judiciary may be preserved;

Judges to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety and to act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Judiciary; and

Judges to conduct their extrajudicial activities in a manner that would not cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially as a judge, demean the judicial office, or interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties.

According to the complaint, Wilcox, with a TikTok account named “Sal Tortorella,” posted 11 videos that contained inappropriate content, including references to violence, sex, misogyny, and racist terms. Some videos were recorded in his chambers, in the courthouse, or even in bed, while wearing judicial robes or partially dressed.

The Formal Complaint states:

“In one such video recorded in chambers, Respondent, wearing a T-shirt with his face close to the camera, lip-syncs the following lyrics from Jump by Rihanna: “If you want it let’s do it. Ride it, my pony. My saddle is waitin’, come and jump on it. If you want it, let’s do it.”

The Formal Complaint continues:

“Respondent recorded a TikTok video of himself wearing a “Beavis and Butt-Head” T-shirt while walking through the courthouse with Get Down by Nas playing in the background. The song contains explicit lyrics concerning a criminal case and a courtroom shooting as well as derogatory and discriminatory terms, drug and gang references, and the killing of a doctor in a hospital who treated another gang member.”

The Formal Complaint further alleges:

“In another video, Respondent smiles at the camera with the following screen text visible: “When an ex-girlfriend calls you “Santa” because of your new white beard.” The song playing in the background, Touch It by Busta Rhymes, contains graphic lyrics. The following lyrics are audible during the video:” For the record, just a second, I’m freakin’ it out. While she tryin’ to touch, see, I was peepin’ it out. She turned around and was tryin’ to put my d**k in her mouth. I let her.”

Based on these acts, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct concluded that Wilcox demonstrated poor judgment, disrespect for the Judiciary, and an inability to adhere to the high standards of conduct expected of judges.

The Judge earned a law degree from the Harvard University Law School.
The Judge’s Courtroom is at 10 Main Street, Floor 3, Hackensack in New Jersey, and can be reached at 201-221-0700 ext. 25531.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.