On Thursday, April 18, 2024, The Bharat Express News reported that Mecklenburg County Magistrate Robin Sabio had been suspended from her role for various issues during her first year as a judicial officer.

According to court documents, Sabio is accused of abandoning required training classes, forfeiting bonds totaling over $2,000 that were owed to Cabarrus County. While Sabio later claimed to have found the missing money in her laptop bag, Chief District Court Judge Elizabeth Trosch alleged in a complaint filed in March that Sabio’s work demonstrated a lack of “minimum level of competency.”

Judge Trosch further outlined that Sabio fell short of completing a required six-credit civil law course for magistrates and did not take the criminal law course at all. There were also said to be “persistent and recurring errors” in Sabio’s rulings for both civil and criminal trials.

Among the other allegations, Trosch stated that Sabio repeatedly missed scheduled counseling sessions, services, and disciplinary hearings related to her position. On multiple occasions when Sabio failed to attend appointments, she claimed to be on medical leave despite not being eligible for such leave, according to the court complaint.

As a result of these numerous issues and inconsistencies during her first year as a magistrate, Sabio has been placed on a paid suspension and will no longer preside over cases until the pending issues are adjudicated in Mecklenburg County Superior Court in North Carolina.



Source: The Bharat Express News