On Thursday, March 14, 2024, WKBN reported that Girard Municipal Court Judge Jeffrey Adler recused himself from the domestic violence case of Youngstown City Schools Dean of Students Chivas Whipple. Whipple was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and criminal damaging or endangering stemming from a February incident where video showed him assaulting a girl by bashing her into a car.

Judge Adler decided to remove himself from the case due to potential conflicts of interest. The chief probation officer of the Girard court is also a basketball coach in the area, and one of his players is a witness in Whipple’s case. Judge Adler has worked with the chief probation officer for 12 years and felt his role as a coach of one of the witnesses created an appearance of impropriety.

As a result, Judge Adler announced during a pre-trial hearing that he would recuse himself from the Whipple case. He plans to request that a visiting judge from another court take over the case in Girard Municipal Court. Adler noted there had been unverified reports that Whipple had either visited the home of the victim or witness in the case, which would violate the conditions of his bond. However, Whipple’s attorney denied the allegations and said his client has mostly stayed at home since the February incident.

The judge reminded Whipple that one of the conditions of his bond was that he could not have any contact with the victim or witnesses. Whipple will appear back in court once the Ohio Supreme Court appoints a new judge to oversee the case. He remains on paid administrative leave from the Youngstown City School District pending the outcome of the investigation.



Source: WKBN