On Thursday, January 26, 2023, the Commission on Judicial Conduct of the State of New York accepted the resignation of Orange County Judge William L. Deprospo. Judge Deprospo resigned while under investigation by the Commission for judicial misconduct.

The case is styled In the Matter of the Proceeding Pursuant to Section 44, subdivision 4, of the Judiciary Law in Relation to William L. Deprospo.

In a July 26, 2022 Formal Written Complaint, Judge Deprospo was accused of being “disrespectful, disparaging. sarcastic and otherwise discourteous” towards five unrepresented petitioners who were seeking temporary orders of protection and other relief in separate family court matters.

The filing states:

“Respondent asked a petitioner, “What kind of a kook are you?”; belittled her concern about missing school in order o be in court; said “everything that you told me was bullshit”; and told the petitioner to “get your ass out of bed and get here at 9:00 in the morning” or her petition would be dismissed and she could “ask the director [of your school] to protect you”.”

The filing continues:

“Respondent said to another petitioner: “So listen, why should I give you an order of protection. . . if you keep going back to this guy?. . . You went looking for him. You got into the car, okay, and you obviously want to be with him because you keep going back to him.”

The filing further alleges:

“Respondent said to a third petitioner, “So, three weeks before you found out that he had another honey on the side, were you afraid of him? . . . Oh, you were? Well, then what were you with him for then?”

Deprospo chose to resign from his judicial office effective March 31, 2023, rather than answer the formal complaints filed against him.

In a Stipulation dated January 11, 2023, Deprospo agreed to never seek or accept judicial office in the future.

For this reason, the Commission accepted Deprospo’s Stipulation

The disposition states:

‘“DETERMINED, on the Commission’s own motion, that the Stipulation is accepted and that the pending matter is concluded, by the terms of the Stipulation, subject to being revived according to the terms of the Stipulation; and it is


Judge William Deprospo’s courtroom is located at 285 Main Street Goshen, New York.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.