On Monday, May 20, 2024, the New York Post reported that Republican representatives Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik have requested more information regarding the dismissal of a judicial misconduct complaint against DC federal judge Beryl Howell.

Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, and Stefanik sent a letter to Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. In the letter, they sought details on the status of the complaint filed by Stefanik in December 2023. The complaint concerned remarks Howell made in a November 2023 speech, where she referenced the “big lies” surrounding the 2020 election and praised the work of the Justice Department in prosecuting cases related to overturning the election results.

Stefanik had argued Howell’s comments violated conduct rules requiring judges to remain impartial and avoid conveying the appearance of influence. Her initial complaint was said to be “wrongly filed” by the office of the DC Circuit Executive, according to the representatives’ letter. However, even after being resubmitted twice, the objection was still dismissed without a clear explanation provided to Stefanik.

In their letter, Jordan and Stefanik requested a briefing from the DC Circuit Executive’s office on how the complaint was handled and dismissed.

Howell oversaw grand jury proceedings in the criminal case against former president Donald Trump, who was accused of conspiring to unlawfully overturn his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden. In her November speech, the judge referenced statistics on sentencing for Capitol rioters and praised the work of Biden’s deputy attorney general, who led investigations into Trump.

Jordan, Stefanik, and other Republicans have cited the speech as evidence Howell might not be able to preside over related cases impartially. They have argued her words could undermine public trust in the judiciary’s integrity. A decision is expected from the Supreme Court on Trump’s appeals claiming immunity from election-related prosecutions.



Source: New York Post