On Friday, April 28, 2023, the Guardian reported that the 2018 senate investigation which found that there was “no evidence” to substantiate any of the claims of sexual assault against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh contains serious omissions.

In a report of The Daily BeastJustice Kavanaugh’s matter started when he was embroiled in controversy when multiple women accused him of sexual assault. This included a testimony of attempted rape against Justice Kavanaugh in High School and an audio recording that suggests that the latter also violated another unnamed woman.

However, with the development of the investigation, a suggestion that Justice Kavanaugh was just a victim of mistaken identity was sent to the judiciary committee by a Colorado-based attorney named Joseph C Smith Jr.

A 28-page report was also released by Senator Chuck Grassley, the then chairman of the Senate judiciary committee. According to the report, one of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, a fellow Yale alumnus named Deborah Ramirez, was likely mistaken when she accused Justice Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a dormitory party because another Yale student was allegedly known for such acts.

Mr. Joseph Smith’s letter in a September 2018 email states that he was in a class behind Justice Kavanaugh and Ramirez. Mr. Smith believes that Ramirez was likely mistaken in identifying Justice Kavanaugh. Instead, Smith said it was a fellow classmate named Jack Maxey, who was a member of Kavanaugh’s fraternity, who allegedly had a reputation for exposing himself, and had once done so at a party. As evidence, Smith attached a photograph of the person named Maxey exposing himself in his fraternity’s 1988 yearbook picture.

In response, Maxey stated that he was still a senior in high school at the time of the alleged incident, and said he had never been contacted by any of the Republican staffers who were conducting the investigation.

“I was not at Yale, I was a senior in high school at the time. I was not in New Haven.” Maxey said. “These people can say what they want, and there are no consequences, ever.”

Moreover, Maxey denied all allegations that he exposed himself to Ramirez at any time. When he was asked if he had ever visited Yale at the time of the alleged incident, Maxey said he had visited his older brother who was an older student at Yale, on a limited number of occasions. However, they had not attended any freshmen parties. The answers made by Maxey raised new issues in regard to the attempt to discredit the accusations thrown against Justice Kavanaugh.

In relation to the matter, according to the report of The Guardian, a new documentary was released containing a never-before-heard recording of another Yale graduate, Max Stier, describing a separate alleged incident in which he said he witnessed Justice Kavanaugh expose himself at a party at Yale.

The reports tell that Max Stier wanted to have a conversation with the FBI anonymously during the confirmation process that he had allegedly witnessed one of Justice Kavanaugh’s friends push the future judge’s penis into the hand of a female classmate at a party. While the Republicans on the senate committee were reportedly made aware of his desire to submit information to the FBI, Max Stier was not interviewed by the committee’s Republican investigators.

It is unclear how Doug Liman, the director of the film, obtained the recording or who Max Stier was speaking to when it was recorded.


Source: The Guardian