On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, Knox News reported that John Rosson, a Municipal Court judge in Knoxville, Tennessee, hosted an election-related press conference in the municipal courtroom, violating the state Code of Judicial Conduct. The code prohibits judges and judicial candidates from using court staff, facilities, or resources for campaign purposes. Rosson’s campaign media volunteer, Mona Nair, defended the decision, stating that they wanted to showcase Rosson’s improvements to the courtroom, including a new television.

Rosson’s opponent in the general election, Tyler Caviness, raised the issue but chose not to file a complaint. Anyone can file a complaint against a judge alleging a code of conduct violation, which would be reviewed by a disciplinary counsel and potentially lead to a full investigation. The panel could issue a private or public reprimand, a deferred discipline agreement, refer the case to another agency, or file public charges against the judge.

Rosson’s violation raises concerns about the ethical standards of judges and the importance of maintaining impartiality. The Code of Judicial Conduct ensures that judges uphold these standards and maintain the integrity of the judicial system. The incident also highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the judicial system, as all matters that come before the board are confidential unless formal charges are filed.

The public deserves to know about Rosson’s violation and the consequences, if any, that he may face. It is crucial that judges are held accountable for their actions and that the judicial system maintains its integrity.


Source: Knox News