On Monday, January 15, 2024, NewsRadio 740 KTRH reported that Harris County Criminal Court Judge Frank Aguilar of the 228th Criminal District Court had returned to work presiding over cases, despite being accused of family assault on December 31st.

According to the report, Judge Aguilar was accused of allegedly impeding the breathing of a female victim at a party. Though misdemeanor charges had been authorized, he had yet to be formally charged as of the time the article was written.

Attorney Michele Maples commented that while Aguilar has the presumption of innocence, continuing to hear cases could undermine public perception of his impartiality. Maples stated most judges in Aguilar’s situation would recuse themselves. However, Texas law does not mandate recusal.

The alleged assault reportedly involved Aguilar placing his foot on the woman’s neck until she could not breathe. Aguilar claimed the victim was intoxicated and throwing beer cans, but provided no other details.

Maples noted the State Commission on Judicial Conduct could independently investigate and potentially remove Aguilar from office. However, she expressed doubt he would voluntarily take a leave of absence.

“I do not know the facts…it is going to be up to a judge, or jury of his peers, to determine if he is guilty, or not guilty,” Maples  said. “But if I were on the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, I would say this guy has got to go.”



Source: NewsRadio 740 KTRH