On Friday, April 26, 2024, NonStop Local reported that the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct had responded to the resignation of former Benton and Franklin Counties Superior Court Judge Sam Swanberg. According to NonStop Local, the Commission rejected claims made in a statement from Swanberg’s attorney regarding its investigation.

Swanberg’s lawyer stated the Commission was insisting the judge admit to an assault case he was acquitted of. However, the Commission emphasized its proceedings are separate from criminal prosecutions. Commission Executive Director Reiko Callner affirmed the investigation exists to uphold ethical standards for judges and maintain public trust in an impartial judiciary.

Callner clarified multiple inaccuracies reported around the Commission’s actions. Under its rules, complaints of prior judicial misconduct can still be examined after a judge’s resignation. She confirmed the resignation did not terminate the ongoing investigation into Swanberg’s alleged pre-resignation conduct.

By detailing its authority and process, the Commission defended the legitimacy and standard nature of its continuing examination in response to Swanberg’s resignation.



Source: NonStop Local