On Friday, January 10, 2023, The Washington Post reported that former Arkansas district court judge Thomas David Carruth was arrested on accusations of solicitation of sex in exchange for judicial favors to women.

The former judge was also indicted by the Federal Grand Jury in the U.S. District on three counts of honest services of wire fraud, three counts of usage of an interstate commerce facility for unlawful activity, one count of bribery, one count of making false statements and a single count of Obstruction of Justice.

Judge Carruth was already admonished in 2018 by the State of Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission for talking with people alone and outside the courtroom regarding their cases. The problem is that these are cases that he oversees, thus creating an appearance of impropriety. This discipline is tied to accusations involving the former Judge’s solicitation of sexual favors from women appearing before him as a judge.

In one case, the former judge while overseeing a case involving a man who was accused of violating a court order barring him from any contact with his ex-wife met with the wife in his office and offered her that he can schedule an earlier court date for the no-contact violation and dismiss the case before his parole-violation hearing, thus making it less likely be found in violation in exchange of sex.

The filing states:

“Um … how do you feel about sex?” he allegedly asked.

“I’d prefer not [to] in order to get this done,” she said, refusing his request.

Carruth pivoted, according to the indictment: “The next step back from that is … do you have any nice  lingerie?”

Yes, she told him.

“Do you mind letting me see you in it?” he allegedly asked.

The former judge was accused of contacting Arkansas State Police after the incident to report that the woman had told him about possible crimes she had committed and that she was fabricating a story involving him in a sexual nature. The woman then had a meeting with the FBI and the State Police. Despite all these allegations and evidence presented, the lawyer of the respondent maintained that his client is innocent.

Mr. Terry sat as a judge for the Clarendon and Holly Grove Departments of the Monroe County District Court in Arkansas located at 154 Dr. Herd E Stone St, Holly Grove, AR 72069, United States, and can be reached at +1 870-462-3422. His info can be found on ballotpedia.org.

Source: The Washington P[button