On Thursday, October 19, 2023, Newsnation reported that former Oklahoma County District Judge Timothy Henderson, who resigned in 2021 following allegations of inappropriate sexual relations with several attorneys, has now chosen to resign his membership in the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Henderson’s resignation comes after he was suspended in March 2021, prompted by three female attorneys accusing him of sexual misconduct. Although he resigned from his judicial position three days after the accusations emerged, Henderson was not criminally charged, stating that his involvement with two of the women was consensual.

The repercussions of Henderson’s actions have had far-reaching effects. One murder conviction has been overturned due to the relationship between Henderson and a prosecutor involved in the case. Moreover, other convictions have been called into question as a result of the scandal. Consequently, in August 2023, the Oklahoma Bar Association initiated disciplinary proceedings to determine the appropriate course of action, including potential disbarment. A Professional Responsibility Tribunal is scheduled for mid-November to further address the matter.

Henderson’s decision to resign from the bar association is considered equivalent to disbarment. In court documents, he acknowledged that his conduct had brought discredit upon the legal profession and had been prejudicial to the administration of justice. However, there is a possibility for him to seek reinstatement in five years, provided he adheres fully to the conditions outlined by the Bar’s rules for disciplinary proceedings.


Source: NewsNation