On Monday, April 29, 2024, Democrat and Chronicle reported that former Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren will remain on the ballot for the Democratic nomination for City Court Judge.

According to the article, Warren’s bid for the judgeship was challenged by Michael Geraci, another Democratic candidate for the position and the party’s preferred choice. Geraci attempted to remove Warren from the ballot because petitions were circulated for her nomination for both the judgeship and a seat on the Democratic county committee. Typically, judicial candidates are prohibited from engaging in political activity that could compromise their impartiality.

However, Warren argued that she was unaware her name had been added to petitions for the county committee seat without her knowledge or consent. At a hearing on the matter, testimony supported that Warren had not been directly approached about running for the committee role. Instead, it was reported that her name was included on petitions due to her history of holding committee positions in the past.

In his ruling, State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle determined that Geraci did not provide clear and convincing evidence that Warren committed fraud against voters. The judge wrote that Warren sufficiently demonstrated she had no intention of seeking the committee position and was unaware her name was being circulated on those petitions.

If elected, this judgeship would allow Warren to continue practicing law while also resolving her 2021 misdemeanor plea that stemmed from campaign finance violations during her time as mayor. As part of the plea deal, Warren resigned from her position but was able to keep her law license through the misdemeanor conviction.

The ruling means voters will be able to choose between Warren and Geraci in the upcoming June Democratic primary for the City Court judge vacancy. Warren will still need voter approval to win the nomination, but the decision ensures her name will appear on the ballot.



Source: Democrat and Chronicle