On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, WRDW reported that Judge Ural Glanville denied a motion to recuse himself from the trial of rapper Young Thug in Atlanta, Georgia.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is facing RICO and drug charges along with 27 other alleged members of his record label’s affiliated street gang, YSL or Young Slime Life. Prosecutors claim YSL is a criminal street gang responsible for various offenses, while the defense argues it was simply a record label. Williams was arrested in May 2022 as part of a large indictment.

In November 2023, jury selection began for Williams’ trial, which his lawyers believe could last for years given the large number of witnesses. On Monday, June 17th, Williams’ attorney Brian Steel filed a motion asking Judge Glanville to remove himself from the case and declare a mistrial over alleged misconduct during a private meeting with a witness. However, Judge Glanville denied this recusal motion in court on Tuesday.

Steel plans to question witness Kenneth Copeland about the private meeting during cross-examination. A June 25th hearing to discuss this meeting will likely be rescheduled as well. Steel is allowed to remain on the case while appealing his own contempt of court charge.

The jury selection process for Williams’ high-profile trial lasted longer than any other case in Georgia’s history. Eighteen jurors have been chosen so far, including six alternates, though two have been excused. Prosecutors intend to call many witnesses to demonstrate YSL was a criminal gang.

If the trial does continue for a lengthy period as anticipated by defense lawyers, it could break additional state records set by an Atlanta Public Schools scandal trial from 2014-2015. Judge Glanville’s denial of the recusal motion ensures he will remain overseeing the complex case moving forward.



Source: WRDW