On Friday, June 21, 2024, PENNLIVE reported that the attorney for Sonya McKnight, a suspended magisterial district judge in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, had filed a motion to have the attempted homicide charges against his client dismissed. McKnight has been accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend, Michael McCoy, while he was asleep at his home in February 2024.

Cory Leshner, McKnight’s attorney, argued in the motion that prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence at McKnight’s preliminary hearing in March to establish that she was responsible for shooting McCoy. Specifically, Leshner said that no testimony or other evidence directly identified McKnight as the person who fired the bullet. McCoy, who was the sole witness, said he did not know who shot him, only that he did not shoot himself.

In response, Sean McCormack, the Cumberland County District Attorney serving as special prosecutor in the case, filed documents asking to submit additional evidence and testimony at an upcoming hearing on August 8th. McCormack intended to present testimony from a detective who investigated the shooting but did not provide details on what new information the detective might provide. McCormack is handling the case due to conflict of interest concerns arising from McKnight’s position as a Dauphin County district judge.

The article provided background on the events preceding the February 9th shooting. McKnight had been living with McCoy but refused to leave after he ended their relationship. In the days before the shooting, McCoy repeatedly asked McKnight to leave his home, to no avail. In the early morning hours of February 9th, McCoy was asleep upstairs when he awoke in severe pain, having been shot in the head. McKnight, who was the only other person in the home, questioned McCoy about what he had done to himself.

Further facts cited included that the gun used in the shooting was registered to McKnight, gunshot residue was found on her hands, and an expert said the wound indicated the gun was one foot away when fired. McKnight also had a prior history, having been cleared of wrongdoing in a 2019 shooting of her ex-husband that was ruled self-defense. She was currently suspended from her judgeship due to misconduct allegations.