The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuity granted Apple’s mandamus writ in a case after finding an abuse of discretion in denying Apple’s earlier motion to transfer the case.

The lawsuit involves Apple’s new iBeacon technology protocol and BillJCo, LLC . Bill Johnson and his son Jason Johnson are the inventors behind the patents and currently reside in Waco, Texas.

The trial, according to the judge, was to be held in Western Texas.

According to IPWatchdog:

Since Apple designed, researched, and developed its iBeacon technology in the North District of California, they requested that the hearing be held there, not Western Texas because “evidence and witnesses would likely be in Northern California; and that neither BillJCo nor this litigation had any meaningful connection to Western Texas,” Apple said.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in a statement said that Apple’s Western Texas offices never “had any involvement in the research, design, or development of the accused technology,” the CAFC said. “The upshot is that this factor also favors transfer.”

The CAFC said that Judge Alan Albright clearly abused his discretion. The trail will now take place in the Northern District of California.

Source: IPWatchdog


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