According to The Texan:

Anonymous parents of a child with gender dysphoria receiving puberty blockers and other hormonal treatments to aid transition started a lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Jaime Masters.

Travis County District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum was the judge on the case and stopped the DFPS from further investigating the family. He then went on to block the DFPS from investigating any other child gender transition cases as abuse.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed Meachum’s order, but this appeal was soon overturned by the Texas Appellate Court, which reinstated Meachum’s injunction. The appellate court reinstating this block attracted the attention of the Supreme Court.

“Just as the Governor lacks authority to issue a binding ‘directive’ to DFPS, the court of appeals lacks authority to afford statewide relief to nonparties,” the Texas Supreme Court wrote. “The court of appeals abused its discretion by using Rule 29.3 to issue a statewide order.”

The DFPS can now investigate child abuse in gender transition cases but cannot act or interfere until a court permits it to.

Source: The Texan


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