On Friday, May 10, 2024, FOX 35 reported that Osceola County Circuit Judge John Beamer had been publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court for delays in handling cases.

According to one document filed by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the chief judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit, which oversees Osceola County, met with Judge Beamer on at least three occasions between late 2021 and early 2023 to discuss complaints about delays in issuing rulings and to stress the importance of timely decisions. However, it took involvement from the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission for Beamer to address the backlog issue.

An investigative panel filed formal charges against Beamer earlier this year and reached an agreement where he would receive a public reprimand. In its order, the Supreme Court acknowledged the panel’s findings that Beamer experienced “significant” delays in case management. While the judge has presided over the Osceola County circuit since 2020, complaints regarding slow rulings continued even after meetings with the chief circuit judge.

“The commission credits Judge Beamer’s candid response to the investigative panel, and his willingness to work to clear out the backlog,” the document said. “However, the commission has serious concerns that it took the involvement of the commission for him to address this issue after the chief judge met and counseled the respondent (Beamer) repeatedly about the need to render prompt rulings.”



Source: FOX 35