According to KPLC News:

Louisiana is seeing more and more state and local jurisdictions changing their bail reform policies. High bails have become a large issue in Louisiana, and not a lot of progress has been made towards bail reform until now.

“Our oaths as attorneys are to protect the Constitution and within that is that everyone should be treated equally, receive equal protection under the law, receive due process and be free from excessive bail,” defense attorney Michael Antoon said.

KPLC News continues:

As of now, judges have the discretion to set a bail wherever they want based on the defendant’s legal track record, severity of the crime, amount of evidence, and the level of threat to the safety of the public.

A defendant can have a completely different bail for the same case if ruled by a different judge as well.

“Small differences in the discretion of two different judges can lead to big differences in numbers when you’re talking about bail, and somebody that may not have a whole lot of money to pay bail,” Antoon said.

A former judge from the state sees the issue of setting bails as a judge after practicing for years. “I’ve got a big problem with it,” retired judge Wilford Carter said. “It’s kind of hard to get the Legislature to do something about it, but I’ll probably have something next session dealing with bonds.”

Source: KPLC News


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