On Thursday, November 30, 2023, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued an order to place St. George Municipal Court Judge David Lamar Little Jr. on interim suspension from his judicial duties.

According to the court filing, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel had petitioned the high court for Judge Little’s interim suspension pursuant to Rule 17(b) of the Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement. The order, signed by Chief Justice Donald W. Beatty, granted the petition and prohibited Judge Little from performing any judicial functions during the suspension.

The order does not provide explicit reasons for Judge Little’s suspension or specify its intended duration, stating only that it was issued in response to the disciplinary counsel’s request. Judge Little is required by the order to immediately relinquish all judicial books, records, funds, and property. He is also barred from entering the municipal courthouse without a law enforcement escort and from accessing any judicial databases.

To enforce the prohibitions, the order authorizes the currently presiding municipal court judge, Kelly K. Muckenfuss, or any law enforcement officers to ensure Judge Little does not violate the terms. Financial institutions holding any accounts related to Judge Little’s judicial office are also notified not to allow him access to or withdrawals from those accounts during the interim period.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel initiates judicial misconduct cases that are referred to the Supreme Court’s Commission on Judicial Conduct for investigation. If the commission finds evidence of wrongdoing, formal charges may be brought and a trial held before the high court.

Judge Little’s courtroom is located at 121 South Metts Street, Saint George, SC 29477-2063, and can be reached at (843) 563-3240.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.